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 2023 SMIL Annual Meeting

in Ethiopia

2023 SMIL Annual Meeting Agenda


2023 SMIL Annual Meeting Presentations


2023 SMIL Annual Meeting Posters


2023 SMIL Annual Meeting

Thursday, February 2
- Introductions / Meeting Objectives
- Country Level Opportunities / National Program Review
- Project Presentation: Genetic Enhancement of Sorghum to Promote Commercial Seed Supply and Grain Market Development
- Project Presentation: Advancing Improved Functionality and Protein Quality Sorghum Hybrids for Food Applications in Ethiopia
- Project Presentation: Genetic Improvement of Sorghum for Resistance to Fungal Pathogens
- Lunch
- Niche Market Project: Characterization and functionality of fermented sorghum and enset flours
- Niche Market Project: Promotion of orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) Blended Sorghum Injera in Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia
- Niche Market Project: Development and promotion of sorghum forage technologies in Ethiopia
- Country Capstone Communications
- Project Breakout Working Groups
- Closing/Other
Friday, February 3
- Arrival and Registration
- Introduction and Purpose of Workshop
- Current State and Key Challenges Across Value Chain
- Discussion/Q&A - Challenges
- Market Opportunities & Short- and Long-term Indicative Solutions
- Breakout Sessions by Market Opportunity
- Lunch
- Breakout Sessions by Market Opportunity (continued)
- Presentation of Key Discussion Outputs
- Next Steps and Closing Remarks