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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Pledge

Innovation Lab Council of Directors’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge

Purpose: We demonstrate our commitment to the principles of equitable representation of historically underrepresented (or excluded) identities in our goals, objectives, actions, work, and in our communities around the globe.

Goal: We aim to cultivate environments of equitable representation and belonging to foster mutual respect and trust within the Innovation Lab Council community and beyond.


The Feed the Future Innovation Lab Council members pledge to create spaces of belonging where all identities feel welcome in our activities, funding opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, professional development, conferences, and other external and internal events. Our goals reflect a desire for equitable representation of voices and perspectives without judgement of gender expressions, varying identities, backgrounds, age groups, ethnicities, national origins, tribal affiliations, cultural identities, and abilities.  We offer fair, equal, equitable, and just opportunities to contribute meaningfully to our goals and objectives. We aim to foster environments of mutual respect and open communication to serve all our members, clientele and audiences.

Adopted July 23, 2021